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Hamburger Art

How fun are our Hamburger Art collages? Making hamburger collages is an awesome way to spend a summer afternoon. Talking about food and kitchens is part of our Habitats & Homes theme from Experience Early Learning. We put down a picnic cloth and painted some burgers, sprinkled the buns with sesame seeds, and layered on our favorite toppings!

Hamburger Art - mixed media collages

Cook up some summer fun with hamburger creative art collages. This activity would fit in great with a summer theme, camping or nutrition topic for children of all ages.

Hamburger Art

One could take many approaches to making hamburgers with this Invitation to Create, but this is how we did ours. Check out the stacked version Tilly Tots Preschool made. Children could paint or glue their burger ingredients however they wanted.

I found it interesting that each child decided what they wanted on their hamburger based on what they like on their real hamburgers. A couple of kiddos DID NOT want lettuce on their hamburger art because they do not like lettuce. Fair enough.

Materials for the Hamburger Art

I added some materials to what was supplied by Experience Curriculum. Sometimes the kids or I have ideas we want to incorporate.

  • background paper*
  • green napkin*, crumpled for lettuces
  • round cardboard for burger
  • yellow squares for cheese
  • brown circles for bun
  • light brown paint for buns
  • dark brown paint for hamburger
  • red puffy paint in a squeeze bottle* for ketchup
  • green pickles
  • red tomato slices
  • sesame seeds
  • small paper plate*

*materials provided by Experience Curriculum

Make your own puffy paint with a mixture of tempera paint, glue and shaving cream.

My group ranged from 2-11 years and everyone enjoyed this art activity!

Hamburger Art

The favorite part of creating the hamburgers were sprinkling sesame seeds on the bun and squeezing puffy paint ketchup on their burgers.

Check out the creativity that shines through with each child’s work. The hamburger collage was created by the 11 year old. She even made a pretzel bun. These kids know what’s good!

Hamburger Art

Completed 3D Burger Paper Art Projects

I want to keep my kids learning but still feel like we had a fun summer. The hamburger creative art project included in our Habitats and Homes curriculum accomplished that goal. These burgers look good enough to eat!

I Make Food I Can Read Books

I Make Food is a theme coordinated pre-reader type book that features three sight words. This month’s words are “make”, “for”, and “my”. Sight Word Pointers are included and make searching for words fun. These little books put a book in each child’s hands and teach concepts of print.

I Make Food I Can Read books
I Make Food I Can Read books

Alphabet Soup Literacy Game

The alphabet soup literacy game included in our Habitats & Homes / Kitchen theme is just awesome especially when presented in a bowl of dry pasta. The game is so inviting, the kids loved to dig in and find their letter and phonic matches. Experience Early Learning makes learning so fun!

Alphabet Soup Literacy Game from Experience Early Learning

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning