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Exploring Shapes in Preschool with Shape Stamps

Exploring shapes in preschool with shape stamps

shape stamps for preschoolers

I’m always looking for different ways to explore and learn about shapes.  Through color and shape  children observe and categorize what they see. These are very recognizable characteristics that encourage children to define and organize the diverse world around them.

shape stamps for preschoolers

Stamping shapes with Giant Shapes Stamps is also colorful and fun! Sometimes it’s nice to work as a group, instead of doing individual work. This activity was for the experience – while a large piece of art was created, we did not save it or display it. Unfortunately I do not have room for that but we left it taped to the table for the rest of the day. Everyone chose a stamp pad and shape to use and then when finished, moved on to another stamp pad color and shape. It was all about shapes, color, fun, socializing and sharing!

shape stamps 5

The stamp pads shown are from Discount School Supply.  


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