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Father’s Day Clay Art

Finally, we tried a Father’s Day clay art project! We used Crayola Air-Dry Clay which dries hard and requires no baking.

Brett showed us how to make a ball, push your thumbs in the center and start making a little dish. I had to help the younger ones so I guess they do look similar but some are thicker, some are flatter and the edges vary. **Try to make the edges thick as the thin areas crumbled easily after time and use.

Then the kids pushed in little stones and beads.

These took about 3 days to dry & then we painted them with liquid watercolors.

I used Modge Podge to attach the paper to the back – I don’t like to write on kids projects and leave “my mark” on their work so I usually print things like this or use name labels that are pre-printed. So much nicer in my opinion.
Father’s Day Clay Art
We wrapped them in tissue and then put them in white paper bags. To decorate the bag, since we were low on time, I stapled the paper strips {that I had previously cut for paper chains} and the worded strip together, which fits right in with our rainbow theme this month.
Father's Day rainbow gift bags
Instead of cards this year we tried these scratch art stand-up cards {from Michael’s, about $2/ea. I thought two pieces meant 2 CARDS but that meant 1 card & 1 scratch stick…} Very cute though.
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!

Father's Day scratch art
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Ms. Amber

Wednesday 22nd of June 2011

Hmmm...we just didn't have luck with the Crayola Air Dry Clay. The project cracked or crumbled. ??? Been hoping to find another type of clay that would work better...but it seems like it worked for you. Maybe we'll give it another try! We made shadow boxes this year and if you can believe it...I didn't even get a picture of the finished project before Donnie took them to work! :-)