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Foamy Snowpaint Snowman Craft

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Foamy Snowpaint Snowman Craft

To make this foamy paint snowman craft, first paint three circles with foamy snowpaint.

Foamy Snowpaint Recipe

  • 1 part glue
  • 1 part shaving cream
  • white tempera paint & glitter, optional

Mix together in a paper cup.

This paint feels neat to paint with and kids love it!

Foamy Snowpaint Snowman Craft After the paint dries (24 hours or so), decorate snowman as desired! We used:

  • sticks for arms (tape or hot glue to back)
  • buttons
  • edge of a paper doily for scarf
  • hat shape
  • googly eyes
  • small gift bow
  • craft foam for carrot nose

Foamy Snowpaint Snowman Craft Anyway you decorate these guys, they’re adorable! The paint is raised and textured, adds to the wonder of the snowman.

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