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Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath

Create a gorgeous frozen fruit & ice wreath. It can be used multiple ways. Consider using it to keep a fruit punch or sangria bowl cold. Or hang it outdoors for a pop of color to brighten the dreary winter days. As it melts, birds and other creatures can consume it.

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath

How to Use a Frozen Wreath

If you’re making it for the birds, sprinkle in some birdseed. They will love it! If you’re expecting a cold snap, simply hang it outdoors for decoration. For those of you with chickens, you can even make frozen fruit and vegetable scrap ice wreaths for them to peck at.

It entertains them, helps during hot spells as well as provides them a treat. You can make any variation – use what you have, but this grapefruit and strawberry wreath is stunning.

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath

Materials Needed:

  • Bundt Pan
  • Grapefruit
  • Strawberries
  • Ribbon/String
Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath needed materials


Slice your grapefruit.

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath

Then place the slices in the bundt pan. You can arrange this however you’d like.

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath layer in pan

Next, add your strawberries in-between the grapefruit slices. This gives it a fun pop of color.  Slowly pour water into the pan so that it just covers the fruit.

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath - add water

Place in freezer for a few hours or until solid. Remove from freezer and run warm water under the pan. It’ll make the ice pop right out. Add the ribbon or string.

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath - tie on ribbon

Hang outside for a beautiful display!

Frozen Fruit & Ice Wreath -hang outdoors

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