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Sweet Candy Cane Wishes

Sweet, sticky candy cane wishes! Make a Christmas card or craft with toddlers and preschoolers. Educators are busy teaching basic concepts and meeting curriculum standards, but there’s still a need and a desire to celebrate holidays with little learners. I provide free printable resources to help teachers quickly and creatively fill the need for simple holiday crafts and mementos children can make for families. Download the free printable sweet candy cane wishes template template at the bottom of the page.

sweet candy cane wishes coloring and craft page

🍬Sweet Candy Cane Wishes Craft Template

Be creative! It’s not just a coloring page. Here are some alternative ways to use the candy cane template:

Coloring the Page: Let your kids color the candy cane template.

Collage with Tissue Paper Squares: Get creative with colorful tissue paper squares, to make vibrant and textured art.

Add glitter: Glitter is always fun and festive! When you’re done coloring or painting, add some sparkly glitter.

Fingerpaint the Page: Go for simple process art and let your little ones fingerpaint the candy cane coloring page. It’s a sensory delight that’s both fun and sensory-based. To avoid a muddy-colored mess, I’d suggest having the children paint with one color and let it dry. Then add additional colors. Or add colorful touches with fingerprints or pom poms. Ink pads also work well for fingerprint art.

Paint with Watercolors: Explore the world of watercolors and watch as the candy cane template comes to life. I especially like liquid watercolors.

Make a Card: Turn it into a card by printing 2 on a page. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and glue the candy cane page to the front. You can also make a full-page card by gluing it to a piece of colored cardstock or construction paper.

Help your kids write heartfelt messages inside and decorate the exterior with stickers, glitter, or drawings. These handmade cards make thoughtful gifts for grandparents or friends, adding a personal touch to any occasion.

fingerpainted sweet candy cane wishes coloring and craft page
glittered heart tag on sweet candy cane wishes coloring and craft page

Craft Supplies for Sweet Candy Cane Wishes Page

Below are the craft supplies needed for this activity:

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sweet candy cane wishes coloring and craft page

Candy Cane Books

Are you planning a candy cane theme for your preschoolers? Children are drawn to the colorful, fun, and recognizable symbol of the candy cane. A candy cane theme can make a fun multi-sensory learning opportunity in the Early Childhood classroom with patterns, shapes and measurements, along with other literacy and math activities. Find a book to add to your lesson plans.

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Using the Template

I’ve provided a variety of ways you can use the template. You can simply print the first page and color or paint it.

Because younger children may paint over the whole page (this is likely!) you may want to offer just the candy cane page (page #3). After the paint dries, cut out the candy cane and glue it on page #2.


Print and use the FREE template