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Editable Monthly Child Care Menu Templates

Simplify child care meals and snacks with these editable monthly child care menu templates. Plan a full month in advance, ensuring you provide various fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options for children to eat.

Create seasonal meal plans that you can use year after year. Use the menu form to inform families and be compliant with state licensing and CACFP requirements.

Post the menu in your child care, online, in an app, and on your refrigerator for reference. Going grocery shopping? Grab a copy of your menu and highlight what you need to buy.

— Edit & Print Downloadable

Get organized with monthly child care menus. Print or share digitally. Menus double as a shopping list so you’ll be prepared every day to serve healthy meals and snacks in your child care program.

Monthly Child Care Menu Templates

Create rotating seasonal menus you can reuse.

child care menu printable form
  • Make a set of rotating seasonal menus you can reuse year after year. 
  • Serve soups and hearty dishes in the winter months and quicker, lighter sandwiches and cold foods during the summer. 
  • Once you create a monthly menu, save it and use it again next year. Just make small changes and you’re ready to go!

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Editable monthly child care menu templates

Customizable menus that fit your program.

  • Create a monthly menu, reducing the planning time that weekly menus require. Map out a wide variety of foods throughout the whole month.
  • The menu doubles as a shopping list. Just highlight what you need to buy or add to your list.
  • Mark special events, celebrations, or program closing days.
  • Communicate with families by sharing the menus. Print or share digitally.

What’s inside the bundle?

  • Jan – Dec menu templates with the name of the month clipart created in Google Docs.
  • Add your logo and program name.
  • Easy to edit and format.
  • Examples are populated into the template but must be edited for your use.  One week of menu ideas included.
Child Care Menu Ideas crackers and cucumber slices

Ready to organize your meals and snacks?

  • One-time fee. Use them again and again.
  • Download immediately.


Link opens in Google Docs. Make a copy and rename the file. Start customizing the template.