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G is for Globe

Maps and globes were a fun part of our Global Passport theme with Experience Preschool. We explored the letter G and the colors of the globe. This post includes painting letter G with a golf ball, creating a swirled paper plate Earth project, and a letter G sand writing page.

We like to color or paint the monthly letter pages in unique ways. Otherwise, just coloring a page can get monotonous. Experience Curriculum always gives us great process art ideas like rolling a ball to through the paint to color our G is for globe and grapes page.

Letter G is for globe painted pages on display.

We used thinned-down tempera paint and pipettes to drop some paint onto the letter G page.

Painting letter G is for Globe page with golf ball.

A golf ball is a safe size ball to use for rolling ball painting for young children. Golf balls are also heavy enough to move the paint.

Rolling a golf ball through paint in a box on letter G alphabet page.

A little weight makes it easier to feel the movement of the ball. It’s okay too if the children want to use their hands.

Children learn best in multiple ways, through sensory and hands-on play. Encouraging touching the ball and not just tipping the box encourages children to use their creative problem solving skills.

Swirl World Planet Earth Art

When we learned about our world, we learned that much of the surface is covered with water which shows up as blue from space. The green areas are the land.

Swirl World process art invitation to create art project set up on table.

Swirl world globe painting is perfect for an Earth Day paper plate craft. It’s such a fun art technique to try! First, spray some shaving cream on a tray. Add a little drizzle of blue tempera paint and some green. You want more blue than green.

Mixing blue and green paint into shaving cream on a black tray.

Use a craft stick to stir the paint the and shaving cream, swirling the colors. Limit how much you mix your colors or you’ll end up with one color rather than a swirl.

Blue and green marbled paint in shaving cream.

This is the fun part so it’s hard to stop swirling, but when you’re satisfied with your color mixture, you’re ready to press your paper plate onto the paint.

Swirling green and blue paint in shaving cream with a craft stick.

Lay the paper plate onto the paint and gently press it down to make sure the paint is covering all the whole surface.

Pressing paper plate into shaving cream and swirled paint to make  paper plate globe art.

The shaving cream looks super messy to work with but it cleans up easily so don’t worry.

Shaving cream swirl art on a paper plate.

The excess shaving cream needs to be scraped off otherwise it will take a long time to dry and have a completely different look.

Paper plate globe art with shaving cream and paint.

Use the edge of the craft stick to scrap off other shaving cream and reveal the swirled painted plate.

Child scraping shaving cream off paper plate.

It looks awesome! Love this process art technique.

Paper plate globe art created with shaving cream and blue and green paint.

Letter G Sand Writing Tray

To create a letter writing sand tray:


  • Tray
  • Sand, sugar, salt, or sprinkles
  • Utensil for writing such as a dowel, feather, craft stick, straw, stick
  • Letter cards, Word Strips or Cube Cards

Add a small amount of sand to cover the bottom of the tray. Choose a writing utensil such as a dowel, feather, craft stick, straw, or an unsharpened pencil.

While writing letters in the tray children are developing small hand muscles, working on their pencil grasp as, eye-hand coordination and letter recognition.

Children love to use the sand writing tray! It’s a very engaging method to get them writing. They will request this tray again and again.

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning