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Give the Gift of Music with Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speakers #SoundSpot #sponsored #mc

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

We are big fans of wireless devices in our home.  We use Bluetooth to connect our phones and wireless headsets or to the music in our cars – my husband recently swapped out both stereos in our cars to accommodate Bluetooth. While we enjoy music, we don’t listen to it constantly – mostly my husband just likes the technological toys!

Bluetooth is such an easy way to access your music on a phones no matter where you are so we were excited to for the opportunity to try out the Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speakers.


The Sound Spot is a small portable speaker that is compatible with any Bluetooth device, including phones, tablets and laptops that was designed to look good in your home.

It’s an affordable way to decorate your home with music for the holidays!  The speaker unites high quality sound with sleek design and portability at an affordable price of under $70.  Look at the various color designs available:

SFQ-07 Color Comps Series Group

The Sound Spot was designed to be portable yet look great in your home, along with your furniture and accessories. It has a clean, modern look that complements home décor so you can enjoy your favorite music in any room of your house.

It’s perfect for holiday entertaining. With everyone in the room able to connect to the device, you could have quite the entertainment! Also an excellent gift for anyone on your list!

I like the black Sound Spot for my living room area, where it just blends in with the dark colors. Really, this one could be used anywhere.  My son has claimed it so it may never see the living room again…

Bluetooth speakers #SoundSpot #sponsored #mcBluetooth speakers #SoundSpot #sponsored #mc

The white wood colored Sound Spot looks nice in my kitchen or office area where colors are lighter. I do have designated areas for each one! Both are attractive and I don’t mind them in sitting out in any room of the house. Sometimes I like to listen to music while sitting at my desk. The sound is much more pleasing through the Sound Spot than my laptop or phone!

If I move to the kitchen to work, I can simply pick up my Sound Spot and take it with me. I find that I benefit from a little music in the afternoon while I work on cleaning up dishes or other day care projects while the children nap. It provides a nice brain break.

Bluetooth speakers #SoundSpot #sponsored #mc

Sound Spot Features

  • Very easy to connect devices to
  • Portable
  • 7 hours of play time
  • Rechargeable battery – can be charged while playing music. Simple to charge just plug it directly into your computer or any powered USB port for quick and easy charging
  • Streams music/sound from game, music and video apps
  • Line-in and Line-out allows for any device with a standard headphone jack. Line-out, allows you to daisy chain multiple Sound Spots together for an even louder acoustic experience.

We haven’t used Soundfreaq products in the past so we were impressed with the sound clarity. Definitely enjoyable to listen to. There are three settings for music tone: flat, warm, bright. It has a rich and powerful sound that you wouldn’t expect from a small portable speaker.

Bluetooth speakers #SoundSpot #sponsored #mc


The Sound Spot was chosen for the Mashable Choice 2013 award , which is,

….an editorial selection we apply to products, services and apps (and perhaps more) that we would recommend to our friends and family. So, it’s not just good. It’s worth recommending to others.

I agree! The Sound Spot is definitely worth recommending to others. It’s a great product!

Soundfreaq has an award-winning line of wireless speakers and have won other awards such as “Gear of the Year” from WIRED Magazine in 2011, “Best in Show” from iLounge at CES 2012 and 2013, a Gizmodo Best Award in 2012..

Bluetooth speakers #SoundSpot #sponsored #mc

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot would make an incredible gift for anyone – don’t forget one for yourself!

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