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Get Some #serioussleep with the Dohm Sound Machine

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This is our spare bedroom, a multi-purpose room, where lots of sleep takes place, usually by my child care children napping and on occasion, guests staying over night. It’s not ideal since it’s just a short distance from our living space and right across the hall from the bathroom where the door open and closes often or other kids are nosily playing.  I struggle with wanting it quiet enough for the baby to sleep and realizing the kids are just being kids. #shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine Still, it works quite well overall. I have a room darkening shade and our routine always includes turning on the CD player while children nap. Sometimes I worry that even soft instrumental music is too stimulating for the little ones and well, guests don’t use the CD player but I guess they could. I’ve been wanting to try a white noise machine for a while now so it was great to check out the Dohm sound machine.

#shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine #shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine The Dohm is a sound machine that creates a natural white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep even while lots of commotion goes on in just the next room. The other day care kids are just playing and going about our routine but they can get loud and I don’t like to continuously ask them to be quiet out of fear of waking the baby. #shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine #shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine

I’ve hesitated to buy a white noise machine for several reasons – would it really work? Would it be an annoying sound? (like those womb sounds – oh help me…) I wasn’t interested in a small fan – I can see those wearing out quickly. I’m very pleased with the Dohm! There’s two volume settings so one is louder and one is softer – personally I did not think the loud setting was overly loud so I used the higher setting.  I wondered how it would work. It did work wonderfully! My infants in care always sleep with it on, I think it sounds very soothing. I don’t have to be concerned about music interrupting their sleep or causing too much stimulation, keeping them wake. #shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine

The Dohm’s sound is continuous and creates a natural sound of rushing air. Other white noise machines work on a digital loop and cut off after a set period of time. I can see how the continuous sound encourages sleep. Another great thing about the Dohm is that it’s pretty small. I don’t have a lot of space and I don’t want it taking up too much surface area of the only table the room. It’s also lightweight so you can take it with you when you travel. Little ones often have a difficult time sleeping in strange places so I think it’s a great idea to take one with you!

#shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine

It’s super easy to use as well – plug it in and turn it on. Up for low, switch down for high. Couldn’t be any simpler. #shop #serioussleep marpac dohmie sleep machine

Although this product is marketed for use with children, I think it’s an excellent addition to my guest room. Even adults have a difficult time sleeping when away from home. I know I hear every little thing or have a hard time settling in sometimes. Sometimes my husband’s parents stay here and they did for the Thanksgiving weekend. Often my mother-in-law naps in the afternoon so I suggested she use the Dohm. She did use it everyday and really liked it. She said she fell right asleep. So in all, a very helpful addition to the room where my babies and guests sleep! Here is a little video clip of the sound machine on for an idea of what it’s like:

Consider The Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle for the perfect baby shower or baby gift, or for anyone who may have trouble sleeping due to holiday stress, travel or festivities going on. For more information about Dohm and serious sleep, please visit

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