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Itsy Bitsy Spider

We’ve had so much fun with our Nursery Rhymes theme this month! There’s such a range of activities that go along with the rhymes and we’ve enjoyed each one.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of the more well-known rhymes but that doesn’t mean boring!

Itsy Bitsy Spider Shape Activities

Using the shape design mat and shape beads, the kids matched shapes to the spiders. Those are some cute spiders!

Itsy Bitsy Spider preschool shape activities

While doing this you can talk to the child about the shapes. Talk about the colors, count the spiders, ask where this one fits and watch to see if the child flips and turns the beads to make them fit in the shape outlines.Itsy Bitsy Spider

Each month Experience Curriclum includes manipulatives in the kits so we have a lot of materials collected to work with. The lacing beads can be used in so many ways!

Try tracing the shapes or pressing them into play dough as well as using them for patterning, lacing or matching. Here are some more tips for using math manipulatives: Everyday Math Manipulatives

Itsy Bitsy Spider

These matching cards are a little more challenging. The child can either match the shapes directly to the card or build the design on the table next to the card, using the card as a guide.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Invitation to Create Webs

I’m not a fan of spiders and these are NOT ITSY BITSY spiders but they worked for this invitation to create.

The web inspiration photo is beautiful. It inspired me to take this art project from the flatness of paper to a 3-dimensional craft. It was a bit more challenging but sometimes it’s okay to try something new and see how they handle a challenge. If my younger crew were present, I would have offered the paper version of this project.

I cut 2 or 3 branches for each child’s project and twisted them together with brown pipe cleaners.

Using the embroidery thread that was included in the kit for this Invitation to Create, I tied a length onto the sticks to get started.

The children wrapped their yarn around the sticks. My group ranges from 3-5 years. Don’t get me wrong, this was challenging but they did so well! They kept me busy asking me to tie on new colors of thread for them to wrap or to knot the ends after they wrapped the thread.

When they decided they were done, they glued on sequins for dew drops. 

The not-so-itsy-bitsy spiders completed their projects. We had to hot glue those on so they stick for the long haul.

Such colorful fun webs!

Some are wrapped tighter than others but every web is different, right?

Our webs are displayed on our mobile. It’s hard to see how great they look in the picture.

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Thursday 23rd of February 2017

I am in LOVE with this!!! I absolutely adore how you took it into a sculpture... and the sequins! Perfect! We did our spider day, but I think we might go back and try this too! Beautiful Stacy!