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Learning About Giraffes

Day 10 is Giraffe day in the Experience Curriculum Going on Safari theme. What do you know about giraffes? Learning about giraffes is fun! They are such interesting animals.


We learned these Giraffe Facts card included in this month’s kit:

Learning about giraffes -giraffe facts
  • How does a giraffe’s fur look? All giraffes have a unique pattern of spots.
  • Giraffes use their long necks to eat leaves from tall trees.
  • They have to spread their legs and bend their neck to reach water on the ground.

Speaking of the awkwardness of giraffes, this month’s book is Giraffes Can’t Dance. “We can all dance when we find music that we love.” 

Learning about giraffes -Giraffes Can't Dance

The Giraffe Spots Game is a number recognition and counting game. Draw a number card and place that many foam oval spots on the giraffe. Count the spots together to confirm that the amount matches the number on the card.  Clear all the spots off the poster and repeat again.

Learning about giraffes -giraffe spots game

During free time the kids made an animal home. Not sure those giraffes would do so well with the lions and tigers!

Learning about giraffes

The opening song “Can You Be a Giraffe” incorporates music and movement.

Learning about giraffes -Can You Be a Giraffe Music & Movement

See them “reach up so high” and “bend at your waist”?

Learning about giraffes - Reach Bend like a giraffe

Then we made giraffe portraits using the child’s footprints to make the giraffe’s face. They turned out so cute!

Learning about giraffes - Giraffe art #MGTblogger

So much fun learning about safari animals this week with Experience Early Learning!

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