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Natural Wonders of the World

Last week we started learning about some of the natural wonders of the world.

Natural Wonders of the World

The first place we learned about was the Grand Canyon. We started putting stickers in our passports for the trip we’re about to take from the Grand Canyon to Machu Picchu to The Great Wall of China.

passports sticker books

We sang “A River Makes A Canyon” and “If You Ride a Donkey” from the Mother Goose Time It’s a Small World theme CD. Along with the Grand Canyon theme, see photos over at Hip Homeschooling of the Making Craters and Play Dough Layers activities. We also built a block canyon.

Ayers Rock was new to me so I found it extra interesting. It’s located in Australia.  We looked at pictures online and then did a Rock Math Story. You could also sort rocks or play with rocks in the water table. Our art project was spreading glue on our rock shape (I helped draw them) and then sprinkled it with red sand.  I printed a label so parents knew what our creations are. Yes, many of us adults learned right along with the kids!

Learning about Ayers Rock through art in preschoolThe Matterhorn was on a fun natural wonder to learn about!

Content Learning Objectives for learning about the Matterhorn:

  • Identify and describe the Matterhorn.
  • Explain ways people travel up tall mountains.

Skill Learning Objectives: (for day #13)

  • Identify the letter K or Q during a dramatic play game.
  • Estimate if he is taller or shorter than a length of yarn. Test to verify.
  • Explore the movement of a cable car on a line.
  • Cooperate with a partner while pretending to climb a mountain.

We especially enjoyed building block mountains and learning about cable cars.

Learning about the Matterhorn with blocks & dramatic play

The Mountain Peak rhyme & movement was a hit!

Spread your feet (Jump feet apart.)
And make a mountain peak (Hold hands together overhead in a pointy shape.)
Hike to the top
And when you get there, stop! (March, then put hand out and say, “Stop.”)
Roll down low, (Roll arm over arm as you crouch low.)
Come on, let’s go! (Sand up and get ready to start again.)

Victoria Falls is magical!


Below are our waterfall wands we made.Victoria Falls Waterfall WandsWhere is the tallest tree you have seen? The General Sherman is a Sequoia Tree and one of the largest known trees in the world. It is found in the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park in California. It is named after an American Civil War general.

We learned about the Sequoia Life Story with sequence wands. We also did some sequencing with different sized blocks.

Sequoia Trees

We also found California on the map and looked at pictures and videos online of the Sequoia National Park. Seeing photos and videos make it all more real and keeps the children’s interest. Next, we’re on to “visit” some man-made wonders!

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