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Outdoor Sounds of Winter – Bells Science Activity & Craft

Our wonderful week of Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter from Mother Goose Time included a bells science activity and craft. Bells are a wonderful sound of the season! We’ve enjoyed the large bells sent in the December kit, listening to Jingle Bells and dancing.

Outdoor Sights & Sounds of Winter Preschool Theme

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Outdoor Sounds of Winter – Bells Science Activity & Craft

This science activity, called Water Bells, worked well for a group. Using 7-8 glasses, we filled each glass with a different amount of water. I added food coloring to make it colorful as well.

Outdoor Sounds of Winter - Bells Science Activity & Craft #MGTblogger

Invite the children to predict how the glasses may sound differently. Encourage children to explore the various sounds they make when they tap the different glasses. Outdoor Sounds of Winter - Bells Science Activity & Craft #MGTblogger

Put the glasses in order from least to most full, and then try to tap out a scale. What other ways can the children experiment with the sounds?Outdoor Sounds of Winter - Bells Water Bells science activity

Consider: Did the child make a prediction at the start of the experiment? What questions or curiosities did he share along the way?

Below is a video of our water bells science activity and play!

Outdoor Sounds of Winter – Bells

We also made bell shakers. The Mother Goose Time kit included the paper cups, jingle bell, and sparkly pipe cleaner. We decorated the cups with patterned washi and patterned packing tape that I already had on hand. We even put some shiny star tape inside the cup.  The bell shakers were fun to shake while listening to the Sights & Sounds of Winter CD.

Outdoor Sounds of Winter - Paper Cup bells craft

Next up, some Indoor Sights & Sounds of Winter activities! See also our Fizzy Ice Science & Sensory Play activity.

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