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Painting with Sticks

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We love painting outdoors on our new easel ($2 at a garage sale!) 

Yesterday we tried painting with sticks. Like a brush but yet, not like a brush. This is process art – art that is created while a child is learning in the process. The emphasis is on the learning taking place.

Painting with a stick, requires trying to turn the stick and applying the paint in a different way than with a brush. It creates a different kind of line and it’s very interesting. Painting with sticks causes the child to try different ways of applying it, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving.

I especially love the red and gold painting as the two that worked on it, took quite a bit of time and really explored painting with a stick.

Painting with sticks in preschool 4painting with sticks in preschoolpainting with sticks in preschool 2painting with sticks in preschool 3Stacy

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