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Rainbow Mosaics

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Simple Rainbow Mosaics are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Mess-free, simple and attractive when complete. Explore colors of the rainbow, shapes and work on fine motor development.

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Making Rainbow Mosaics


  • Contact paper
  • Shapes of construction paper in rainbow colors (or any variation)
  • Tape down Contact paper sticky side up to the table
  • Arrange colors on sticky paper
  • Laminate or cover with more Contact paper. Our Contact paper is old and not so adhesive anymore so I laminated ours. It makes it sturdier.

Rainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow Mosaics

Our rainbow mosaics are displayed on a clip photo mobile, which has been a wonderful addition to our room!


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