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Rainbow Mosaics

Simple Rainbow Mosaics are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Mess-free, simple and attractive when complete. Explore colors of the rainbow, shapes and work on fine motor development.

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Making Rainbow Mosaics


  • Contact paper
  • Shapes of construction paper in rainbow colors (or any variation)
  • Tape down Contact paper sticky side up to the table
  • Arrange colors on sticky paper
  • Laminate or cover with more Contact paper. Our Contact paper is old and not so adhesive anymore so I laminated ours. It makes it sturdier.

Rainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow MosaicsRainbow Mosaics

Our rainbow mosaics are displayed on a clip photo mobile, which has been a wonderful addition to our room!



Tuesday 13th of May 2014

I've done this with tissue paper in place of the construction paper, and it comes out looking like stained glass. So pretty when you hang it up to the light.