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Rainbow Waffles

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If food coloring freaks you out, this isn’t for you! If you’re looking for some colorful tasty fun with kids, rainbow waffles is for you. Even if you just do it once, this is fun and memorable for kids.  How can you resist such great colors?

Rainbow Waffles

rainbow waffles for kids rainbow theme in preschool

Breakfast for lunch is always a hit here & the kids were really surprised when they saw what I was up to.

Make colorful pancake batter to make Rainbow Waffles with food coloring

Brett said “Rainbow waffles? There’s no such thing!”  We’ve never had them before but there sure is!


I’ve always hesitated to do something like this because it’s just putzy. It is a little bit but not too bad.  I’d do it again.


I’m a messy waffle maker though. Oh well, the mess was pretty! I was in a hurry, hurry, hurry! Everyone needs to eat, one to get off the bus and a schedule to keep!


Each one turned out different. This color combination was nice. The purple (paste food coloring) looked really neat.


Everyone is anxious for lunch! Nine kids ate today so we made lots of rainbow waffles!

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