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See You Later, Alligator Printable {Question}

I often get comments and questions on my blog and I’m since I’m seeing some of the same ones over & over, I thought I’d reply to some of them here.

Amanda asked,
Saw a sign in your pix that LOVE.  It’s in the cubby area and it has different goodbye sayings.  Do you have a printable of that?  By the way, You are my daycare inspiration!

First of all, thank you! I was so pleased by your compliment. Just ask my husband whose ear I screeched in while he was driving…  I’ve been inspired by so many others, so I’m glad to inspire others.
This is the printable Amanda is referring to:
See you later alligator printable poster
Printable from Sweet Blessings

The printable seen in my day care closet, isn’t mine. I thought it was adorable too! It was created by Shannon at Sweet Blessings.  She has lots of great printables.  I printed mine on cardstock and laminated it. I thought about framing it but decided it’s fine as is.
Sweet Blessings

Here’s the direct link for her downloadable printable for the “See You Later Alligator” poster:

Thanks for asking!



Thursday 7th of March 2024

I would love to print this for my speech room but I can't get it to download. Are you able to help?