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Snowy Mitten Art

It’s time to celebrate winter! We’ve had our first snowfall and we’re playing outside in the snow every day. I can’t help but sing this little song when I help my kiddos put on their mittens. So it was time to make snowy mitten art!

“Thumb in the thumb place, fingers all together. This is the song we sing during mitten weather.” There are many fingerplays and versions of this song, but I sing that phrase to the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” tune.

Snowy Mitten Art - The Mitten Song

Snowy Mitten Art



  1. Cut out mitten shape.
  2. Glue to construction paper or cardstock.
  3. Stamp with snowflake stamps and paint.
  4. Glue on song words.
Snowy Mitten Art - The Mitten Song

I used red paper and blue mitten shapes this time, but you can also use white cardstock and colored mittens. Have each child choose their own color of mittens. They could color or decorate the mittens before painting if desired. After painting the child could add cotton balls to the edges of the mittens for cuffs. That would be so cute!

Snowy Mitten Art - The Mitten Song

I always like to add glitter paint to the paint when we do this project for a little sparkle. Snow is magical!winter preschool art Snowy Mitten Art - The Mitten Song

Singing the mitten song when putting on mittens is a fun way to make it through the routine that can be frustrating for young children ( as well as adults!) It’s a good practice to make everyday routines fun and educational. It offers a little one on one time with each child that is so hard to find sometimes.Snowy Mitten Art - The Mitten Song

Three’s the literacy component too – there’s value in adding in language whenever we can with little ones! The mitten song incorporates parts of the and – thumb and fingers.Snowy Mitten Art - The Mitten Song

I typed up and printed the words to Snowy Mitten Art because I believe language and literacy with art is a great combination. When the children take this art home, they can teach the little song to their parents too!


Mitten Song words

If you’re looking for more information on the Mitten Song fingerplay, here are a couple resources: