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Spilled Milk Art

Lesson 9 of our Folktales and Fables unit was the story of The Milkmaid and Her Pail. We made spilled milk art to extend the lesson. 

The Milkmaid and Her Pail

The fables have been so fun to read and talk about this month. The stories are short but captivating for the little ears. I’ve introduced many vocabulary words. 

Each fable comes with story pieces so the children can retell the stories themselves. I laminated our pieces and attached a piece of Velcro to the back so they can be used on the felt board. My double-sided story board is from Discount School Supply.

Spilled Milk Art

Since our project is about spilled milk, I thinned down white tempera paint with white liquid watercolor. I also added some silver sparkly paint because glitter is always a good idea.

When the paint is in a cup, it can be poured. Then I offered paint brushes so they could spread the paint too.

Some of the kids squeeze glue into their paint cups and some put it directly on their paper.

Cotton balls offered a three dimensional option for their spilled milk art.

Offering several materials and and tools, children can make decisions about what they want to use and how they use it.

Spreading around puddles of paint.

Sparkly, sticky spilled milk art. 

It’s fun to guess what the designs look like!

Our “Spilled Milk” display:

To create your own letters for wall displays, print letters using outline fonts such as KG Red Hands (shown) or KG Shake It Off Outline in 250+ pt font size.

I printed mine on cardstock but you can use regular paper or even construction paper.

Cut out the letters and laminate them. Cut out again. In this case, I cut out the letters with a piece of black construction paper behind them, so I had two of each.

Then I glued them together with a glue stick before I laminated the letters for a shadow effect.

We loved this simple cause and effect story! The process art activity extended the fable perfectly. 

Next month’s theme from Mother Goose Time is Friends & Feelings.  See what’s in the box here: What’s In the Box: Friends & Feelings.