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States of Matter Preschool Style

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Science Lab starts with a week of chemistry activities. Learning about molecules and states of matter is fun with a game! Solid, liquid, gas – what’s the difference?

States of Matter Preschool Style

States of Matter

Roll the die and place the matching number of beads on the guide. The dots are close together on some of the pictures. The closer together the molecules are, the more solid the matter, or object.

states of matter activity

The colored beads are a very inviting way to learn about molecules.beads


Liquids change into the shape of a container. Solids do not.

solids and liquids

Scooping and pouring water. Experiencing liquid.

water play  water liquid in test tubes


By freezing water, we can change it into a solid. When we touch it, it starts to warm up and tray

This big chunk of ice melted within a couple of hours!

feeling ice

Ice can be changed back into a liquid. Here we tried speeding up the melting process with warm water over ice.

speeding up the change from solid to liquid with hot water


By using heat, we can change water into a gas by boiling it. Then it is called steam. We can see condensation on the glass cup and the steam coming from the container.

States of Matter - water to steam

If we are careful, we can feel the steam.

feeling steam

More States of Matter Activities

I will be back soon to update this section. We made a visual art project that incorporated physical science as well. Then we made cream and butter from heavy whipping cream.

  • Glue Art
  • Cream Shake

Science is so fun! Read about STEM-Based Learning in Preschool here.

Steam Based Learning in Preschool
STEAM Based Learning in Preschool
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