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We Are The Dinosaurs

From head to tail dinosaurs are fun! Through learning about specific features like the dinosaurs feet or head, children learn about the purpose of their own body parts or those of other animals. This fun theme just proves that learning can be fun. It’s easy to pretend we are the dinosaurs with these fun activities.

We Are The Dinosaurs

Week three of Dinosaur Dig is all about dinosaur body parts like the head, feet, body, and tail. Here are a few of our activities. It was fun making things to wear and pretend we are the dinosaurs! Be sure to listen to We Are the Dinosaurs by the Laurie Berkner Band too!

Dinosaur Headbands

How is our head similar or different from a dinosaur head? This was the question to start our discussion about dinosaur heads. A couple things that really stand out is the big eyes and teeth! Our dinosaur headbands had big eyes and teeth too. They were fun and silly to wear!

We Are The Dinosaurs making dino headbands

Play a little game: Nod or Shake

Sit in a circle with one child in the middle with his eyes closed. Pass a small dinosaur counter around and hide it in your hands. When the child in the middle opens his eyes he can ask each friend, “Do you have a dinosaur?” and the children respond by either shaking their head “no” or nodding their head “yes”. My group found this challenging so it didn’t last long for us!

We Are The Dinosaurs dino headband Mother Goose Time project

Dinosaur Feet

Dinosaurs have huge feet! How did they walk with those big feet? It wasn’t so easy for my little dinos to wear big dinosaur feet!

wearing dino feet We Are The Dinosaurs

Dinosaur feet!

line of dinosaur feet We Are The Dinosaurs

Slipping them on.

We Are The Dinosaurs dinosaur feet

Even our littlest dinosaur tried them on.

dino feet We Are The Dinosaurs

The dinosaur feet were great for stomping around to We Are the Dinosaurs!

Do you know how large T-Rex’s foot was? If you tape 12 pieces of paper together to create one large rectangle (4×3), you can see how large his footprint would have been! This was an awesome group activity that reinforces social relationships and measurement. I love Mother Goose Time’s Community Challenges each day!

We Are The Dinosaurs size of a T-Rex foot print

Painting with dinosaurs is another way to explore the feet of a dinosaur.

Awesome process art for a dinosaur theme!

Dinosaur Tails

Making and wearing dinosaur tails was super fun! Adorable too, I might add! Some dinosaur tails are long, short or spiked.  We made long dinosaur tails with paper chains and a ribbon attached to tie it around the waist.

We Are The Dinosaurs dinosaur tails

My little dinos were running everywhere with their tails dragging behind them!

dino tails We Are The Dinosaurs

Where’s My Tail? Table Top math addressed patterning and sorting. The idea was to hook the coordinating link colors to the dinosaur colors, making dinosaur tails.

We Are The Dinosaurs

The color sorting or patterning was easy enough but some find linking the links together challenging but we kept trying because it’s important to try even when it’s hard.

We Are The Dinosaurs dino tails

Dinosaur Teeth Necklaces

We actually made these dinosaur teeth necklaces when learning about T-Rex. Our T-Rex Teeth Necklaces had huge dinosaur teeth on them! So cool! They are made with simple foam triangle shapes and pieces of straw laced onto yarn.

Make & Play T-Rex Teeth Necklace We Are The Dinosaurs

When we do lacing activities, I first tie a knot a the end of the string and then tape that end down on a tray. That way the pieces the child laces onto the string do not fall off, causing frustration and discouragement. A tray holds all their materials so time isn’t wasted chasing the pieces of their project that roll onto the floor.

We Are The Dinosaurs lacing T-Rex tooth necklaces

Sometimes projects still fall apart and they have to be remade. This 4-year-old demonstrated persistence and flexibility when this happened to him and he remade his T-Rex necklace.

We Are The Dinosaurs triangle tooth necklace

Stylin with a dino tooth necklace.

We Are The Dinosaurs dino necklaces

Such a fun dinosaur shape activity!

We Are The Dinosaurs T-Rex Tooth Necklace

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