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What’s in the Box: Orchard Harvest

October’s box is here! Orchard Harvest is such a great theme for fall / October. It covers fruit, trees, orchard animals and experiencing the textures of fruit skins and shells. Here are some orchard fall preschool activities we’ve done in the past. Try this hands-on science activity that’s perfect for fall as you clean out the garden: Pounding Colors.  Be sure to explore seeds in preschool this fall too. This is What’s in the Box: Orchard Harvest.

What's in the Box: Orchard Harvest from Experience Curriculum

About Orchard Harvest

This month, science comes to life as your child discovers the wonder of orchards. He will get to know the parts of a tree and investigate the fruit and seeds that grow from them. Next, he will identify the animals that call an orchard home. He will sneak like a raccoon and polka with a porcupine. Get ready for an exciting month of peeling bananas, mashing avocados, painting with a pokey chestnut and cracking a bumpy walnut!

What’s in the Box: Orchard Harvest

We love learning with monthly themes from Experience Preschool. Read about why lessons are structured in themes.

Four Weekly Themes

The Orchard Harvest theme consists of these four weekly themes: Tree Life Cycle, Fruit Trees, Animals in the Orchard, and Skins and Shells. I love how complete Experience Curriculum is! The weekly themes cover all the aspects of the orchard and makes it interesting for kids.




Branches – how do you like the letter booklets? We love them!

Leaves – also incorporating nature and loose parts. Love it!

leaves lesson 5

Apples  & new Forest Friend “Bear” along with the patience character trait. The manipulative mats are beautiful! And another great book.

apple lesson 6



lemon lesson 8


orange lesson 9

Did you notice this card with directions for mixing the color orange? I like it! Easy for kids to follow.

Plums – I’m a big fan of the nursery rhyme posters. I like to pull these posters and hang them up for the first day of the theme so we can enjoy it all month long. Adorable puzzle too!

plum lesson 10


porcupine lesson 11

Birds – Love the magnet sets that coordinate with the book and puzzle and encourage literacy skills.

bird lesson 12


bugs lesson 13


raccoon lesson 14


squirrel lesson 15


walnut lesson 16

Chestnuts – do you have chestnuts in your area? I don’t think we do, I’ve never seen them here. Interesting to learn about though. We’ve made the pears before and the kids love them. 

Chestnut lesson 16


avocado lesson 18


So that’s What’s in the Box: Orchard Harvest! November’s Experience Curriculum’s theme is On the Go. Order it now so you don’t miss out!

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning