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1-10 Number Tracing Printable

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I needed a 1-10 number tracing printable page so I made one. There’s many others out there with all sorts of variations like cute clipart or part of a printable pack, etc. I wanted the numbers large and easy to copy. That’s all. So here it is if you’re needing one too.

1-10 Number Tracing Printable for preschool

I should say I’m not a big fan of worksheets but my group needs to learn to write their numbers. They are asking me how to and they need the practice. Some can not identify their numbers yet. All of this factors in and it’s just another way to keep putting numbers out there.

1-10 Number Tracing Printable

1-10 Number Tracing Printable

Free 1-10 Number Tracing Page

 >> Download the 1-10 Number Tracing Printable Page Here <<

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