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Finger Painted Flowers & May Day Baskets

Yes, I know it’s now JUNE 1st and I’m just posting our Finger Painted Flowers & May Day Baskets. I’m very behind in blogging but I’ll share some of our activities anyway for future inspiration. Finger Painted Flowers & May Day Baskets

To Make Finger Painted Flowers & May Day Baskets

  • Pre-cut flower shapes in orange, yellow, purple, pink and yellow construction paper.
  • Offer a variety of paint colors on a paper plate.
  • Child finger paints flowers
  • After flowers dry, attach to stem – we use Craft Project Ideas fuzzy sticks
  • Roll paper to make a cone. Staple or tape in place.
  • Attach a strip of paper for a handle. Could also use yarn or ribbon.
  • We cut grass to make a filler for our baskets. Cut a piece of green construction paper in strips, almost to the end of the paper. Roll and tape to make it circle shaped. Put in basket, tape in place.
  • Insert filler, like shredded paper if desired. This helps hold the flowers.
  • Insert flowers into basket.

finger painting may day basket flowers

What a treat to hang on anyone’s door, inside or out! logo

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