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Mother Goose Time Community Helpers Theme

If you haven’t ordered it yet, now is the time! I can’t say enough about Mother Goose Time kits. They keep us busy, learning and having fun. It’s a big time saver for me as an in-home child care provider who does it all – the cooking, cleaning, caring, teaching and more. I can’t provide the same quality care and education on my own (without being absolutely crazy!) that I can offer with Mother Goose Time. So worth the cost of the box. As you can see in the photos below, there are many, many supplies that can be used again and again. Everything pictured in this post except the Little Goose Lesson Plan book is included in the November kit, which I order for 8 students. This is going to be a big post with lots of photos!


What’s Inside?

Thank you from Experience Curriculum: Ahh, we can always use a little appreciation!


Little Goose Lesson Plan Book

This is the Little Goose Lesson Plan book. Again, it’s not included in the kit, this is an add-on option. It’s a supplement book intended to be used with toddlers – children under 3-years-old. I use many of the materials in the regular kit with my 2-year-olds, but not all of the materials are appropriate for them so supervision is required of course. I think this is a good idea to purchase if you are new to teaching and are unsure how to modify activities for a younger age. I find my two’s come and go from circle time and activities.


Their attention spans are smaller and they may or may not be interested in what we are doing. It also depends on if a child starts care as an infant or not. If a child starts child care with me when very young, every day they are seeing our routine and activities. They want to be included and are just used to what we do from a young age. Some will be ready for more than others.

The book is set up much like the regular lesson plan book. little-goose-lesson-plan-book-mgtblogger

A peek at Week One activities:little-goose-lesson-plan-book-2-mgtblogger

Example of a day in the Little Goose supplement lesson plan book. I especially like the Tray Play ideas!little-goose-lesson-plan-book-3-mgtblogger

Teacher Tool Bag


Inside the Teacher Tool Bag – the theme web poster


Gathering List for extra supplies you may need to locate or purchase, Teacher Guide, Planning Journal and Skills Chart.


There are also manipulatives – which this month are the connecting cubes, start stamp (different shape each month), a Music CD (the CD’s are awesome!), and vehicle manipulatives. Yes, they even include toys! Manipulatives are used for general play, counting, sorting, patterning and more. Learn more about manipulatives with this post.


Circle Time Kit

The circle time kit includes the updated monthly materials you will need for the calendar, colors, numbers, songs, shapes, and letters used at circle time.


Theme poster, calendar grid and numbers, song cards (put them on the ring), number fish, character duckling.


Letter cards, Count & Clip number activities and alphabet dough cutters for this month’s

Yellow color wand and

Celebration Kit

One of my favorite recent updates to Mother Goose Time is the Celebration Kits. In the past, we’ve had a Preschool Open House Pumpkin Patch party, Santa’s Workshop, and Family Picnic & Art Show. Last year I used the Thanksgiving kit along with our regular activities but it wasn’t a family event.


There are games, art and snack ideas and more.thanksgiving

Such cute ideas!


Week One: Health and Safety

Day 1: Firefighter

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Family Newsletter
  • Jack Be Nimble Rhyme Poster
  • Name Tags for name writing practice
  • Fork Fire Painting materials
  • Fire Station Counting Cards

Day 2: Doctor

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Syringe Squirt Art Supplies

Day 3: Police Officer

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Looking Glasses for theme poster
  • My Little Journals

Day 4: Dentist

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Toothbrush Painting Art Supplies
  • Dentist Visit game

Close up of the Dentist Visit game – cute! Great for working on colors, number concepts, learning about health and taking turns as well as interacting with others.

Day 5: Bus Driver

  • Matching Bus Cards
  • My Little Bus Art Supplies
  • Bella and the Umbrella book

Let’s check out this book a little closer – bella-and-the-umbrella-book

How cute!


Week 2: Around the Neighborhood

Day 6: Mail Carrier

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Mail Carrier Bag Make & Play
  • Town Postcards and Signs

Day 7: Construction Worker

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Shape Design Mat
  • Hammer Matching Game Supplies


Day 8: Teacher

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Storytelling Set
  • Measure the Tools supplies
  • Roll an Apple Game
  • Respectful Friendship Feathers


Day 9: Recycler

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Up-cycle Collage Materials
  • Compost in a Bottle Poster
  • Pattern Cards


Day 10: Plumber

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Pipe Sculpture Art Supplies
  • Choke Test tube activity


Week 3: Downtown

Day 11: Factory Worker

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Robot Tinkering Art Supplies
  • Letter Factory Recipe Card


Day 12: Chef

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Stone Soup story
  • Chef’s Hat Make & Play
  • Can I Take Your Order? Ordering sheets/plates


Day 13: Banker

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Open the Vault Dail & Sight Word Pointers
  • Money Design Art Supplies
  • Math Story Cards
  • Play Money


Day 14: Hairdresser

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Blowing Air Science Card
  • Curled Paper Sculpture Art Supplies
  • Bella Puzzle


Day 15: Shopkeeper

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Shopping Bag Make & Play supplies
  • Would You Rather cards
  • Vocabulary word/photo cards


Week 4 Creative Careers

Day 16: Musician

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Musical Soup Little Theatre Script
  • Microphone Make & Play supplies
  • Song Cards/Piano Sheet

Day 17: Actor

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Dress-Up Match Game
  • DIY Mask Make & Play Supplies
  • Charades Cards

Day 18: Dancer

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Spin a Move Game
  • Cube Cards Movement
  • Dancing Paintbrush Art Supplies

Day 19: Author

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Word Family Game
  • My Little Book Pages
  • I Can Read Book

Day 20: Illustrator

  • Daily Topic Poster
  • Shape Drawing Guide Make & Play
  • Child Portfolio Pages

So that’s everything included in the box! It’s a lot but, there are even more ideas in the Teacher Guide. So much learning and fun to look forward to!

Wondering how to use some of these materials? Check out the Micro Trainings.

Winter in the Woods

Sunday 20th of November 2016

[…] your box to arrive. Mine just showed up on the doorstep yesterday. After I posted what was in the November Community Helpers box, many asked me to share pictures of the materials again for December so here they are!  The Winter […]

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Sunday 23rd of October 2016

Wow! That's a lot of curriculum. I noticed some Spanish words, do you also teach Spanish?


Monday 24th of October 2016

There is some Spanish introduced in the curriculum.