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Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes

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For our Mother’s Day crafts this year, I was determined to come up with something using all these lids I’ve been collecting. Ta da! Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes.  I guess it’s one of my typical projects – photos, beads and personalized! Overdone? Perhaps….Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes

First I spray – primed the lids from tops of canned fruit, vegetables, etc (the larger ones work better) that I removed with a safety edge can opener. It really isn’t necessary to paint them, I just thought it might look better.Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes

With a small nail, I tapped two holes in the top of the lid (on a cutting board) and three holes on the bottom of the lid. Add a piece of wire to make a hanger at the top. Tie one end and let the child add beads.Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes

I glued a photo on one side of the lid and the personalized label on the other side. Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes
Put a piece of wire through each hole at the bottom. Tie on beds & yarn if desired. Decorate with sequins and button decorations.

Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes

This project is time-consuming and much of it I had to do myself so for those of you who are looking for a child-centered project, this probably isn’t it. I do like to give projects for special days that parents actually want to keep and that will hold up as a keepsake. Each child cooperated with a photo, and helped with beading and are incredibly excited to give this as part of their Mother’s Day gift!

We’re also giving Moms these CLAY FINGERPRINT TAGS:

Mother’s Day Photo Lid Keepsakes

How’s that for a lowly can lid?

Cards up next!


Mother’s Day Clay Fingerprint Tags
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