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O is for Otter Swimming

Otters are sooo cute! We just loved watching some videos of otters swimming and creating some water for our otters to swim in. Enjoy our O is for Otter Swimming activities from Mother Goose Time’s A to Zoo alphabet theme.

O is for Otter

I love using letter blocks to spell out the words of our topics for the children to explore more closely. I put them in a small bowl and let them put the letters in order. Some like to take the letters to the writing table and trace them. You can also you magnetic letters for this.

O is for Otter Swimming

Otters float and hold their babies while they sleep. This video shows a newborn otter called a pup. This fun video shows many funny and cute otters but we have to remember that otters are still wild animals and can be dangerous.

O is for Otter Swimming

The Invitation to Create for O is for Otter Swimming was super fun. Any time you add shaving cream to paint, kids are enthralled. It’s not only art but a sensory activity. I know some places do not use shaving cream in their program due to licensing rules. If that’s the case, try foam paint.

O is for Otter Swimming preschool art

Thank you Mother Goose Time for the extra information provided about otters! I read this card to my group before we get started on our art or while they are working. I also use it for our displays when the art is ready to go on the wall.

O is for Otter Swimming

Creative Art

Here we are working on our O is for Otter Swimming Invitation to Create. My kids LOVE art. You know when everyone is engaged in their work when you hear SILENCE with 8 kids in the same room!

O is for Otter Swimming

We used blue liquid watercolor paint with the shaving cream. Stirring it together and seeing the different shades of blue is part of the fun.

painting with blue paint and shaving cream on green paper

Using an ice cream spoon to spread the paint and shaving cream mixture is a bit challenging. Some kids do not like to get their hands dirty so this is a concern for them. I calmly tell them we’ll wash when we’re done. They can either wipe their fingers on the paper or I give them a piece of paper towel to clean up with.

O is for Otter Swimming painting with shaving cream

Using the little wooden ice cream spoon to spread the paint is good fine motor practice too.

Liquid watercolor paints on colored paper have interesting results! You can see the paper starts to turn green. Some noticed an exclaimed about it which we decided was cool because the inspiration photo shows greenish colored water the otter is swimming in. In reality, pond or river water isn’t usually blue. Painting on green cardstock made this Invitation to Create more interesting with color and texture.

O is for Otter Swimming

The teacher guide suggested using the paint stick to make an otter. We decided to use the color page drawing from Member Resources.

I felt it was a little more balanced in size. Plus it turned out super cute!

Foamy paint is raised and wet at first. After it dries, the air escapes and the foam reduces, but it still leaves a wonderful texture. Give it a try!

A to Zoo Names

We’re loving the Animal Nametags included in the letter N & O lessons. Rocks are awesome manipulatives for literacy activities like this one. Now everyone can spell otter!

Make Your Own Letter Rocks

Find a variety of rocks and clean them. Or buy them at Michael’s or the Dollar Tree. Write letters on each rock with Sharpies, paint pens or acrylic paint. I didn’t seal mine but they can be coated with Modge Podge and then sprayed with a clear coat which would be needed if you intend to use them outdoors.