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Painted Chalkboard Trees

Yesterday we made the cutest little Painted Chalkboard Trees ornaments. I was in Michael’s and spotted these chalkboard tags. They have different shapes but I stopped and thought about the tree shaped ones. Hmm, what could we do with those? I figured something so I bought them. Pretty cheap – 12 / $4.99 and I probably got them on sale. Perfect for a child care craft project!

Painted Chalkboard Tree Ornaments

We’ve been using acrylic paints for some of our projects. Tempera paint just wasn’t going to work for this one. I love having an assortment of colors to work with. Not much paint is required for this project.

Painted Chalkboard Trees



  1. Squirt a small amount of paint onto a paper plate.
  2. Using a Q-Tip, paint the tree shape as desired. Use a new Q-Tip for each color.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint the other side.
  5. Tie on yarn or ribbon.
Painted Chalkboard Trees supplies

Buy the chalkboard tree shapes at Michael’s. They do not have strings on them so I tied yarn loops on them.

Chalkboard tree shapes from Michael's

I wasn’t sure how my kids, ages 2-4, would paint these ornaments. I demonstrated how I would do it, painting little dots on the tree with various colors, so it would look like lights on the tree.

They went right to work and really spent time on painting their painted chalkboard trees!  

The painted dried within an hour or less. Then we turned them over and painted the other side. They turned out lovely!

Painted Chalkboard Trees

If you need to speed up drying time, use a heat gun carefully to dry with heat. Not too close or the paint with bubble.Painted Chalkboard TreesPainted Chalkboard Trees Painted Chalkboard Trees Painted Chalkboard Trees Painted Chalkboard Trees Painted Chalkboard Trees Painted Chalkboard Trees

Merry Christmas!

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