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Recycled Can Lid Snowman Ornament

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Sometimes while I’m working, I have an idea. I was washing out tomato paste cans and thought, “What could I use these for?” Any early childhood education teacher thinks of this on a continual basis – nothing gets wasted, except the food you cook for those kids. Just kidding. Sort of. Then I thought, “A snowman!” as I lined them up on the counter. Finally, I got to this project for a recycled can lid snowman ornament that was forming in my mind.

Recycled Can Lid Snowman Ornament - Share & Remember

Make a Recycled Can Lid Snowman Ornament



  1. Wash can lids.
  2. Tap holes in lids for wiring with a hammer and nail. Top lid will have two holds to attach wire. Middle lid, top & bottom, bottom lid, hole on top.
  3. Wire lids together with small lengths of wire. Clip ends and twist in so they are not poking out or sharp.
  4. Draw face on snowman as desired.
  5. Glue on buttons.
  6. Cut hat shape and glue on. Decorate as desired.
  7. Glue stick arms on.
  8. Tie on ribbon scarf. Secure with hot glue if needed.
Recycled Can Lid Snowman Ornament

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