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Painted Mugs for Mother’s Day

This year, my preschool group painted mugs for Mother’s Day. They turned out so special! I think they will be treasured. Last years we made DAD mugs for Father’s Day and one of the moms said, “I hope you’re doing mom mugs for Mother’s Day!” I was glad they went over so well because coming up with ideas for parent gifts is not easy.

My heart belongs to my mom painted mugs for mother's Day

Mother's Day gift idea preschoolers can make - painted mugs for mom


My heart belongs to my mom coffee cups

First, I went to Michael’s, hoping to find mug kits, because at less than a week before Mother’s Day, you just never know if there will be any left. There was! A full display of Made With Love Ceramic Stein Mug Kit By Celebrate It™ kits for just $2.99 each! That works for me, I bought 10.

Mother's Day gift idea

Sometimes I’m not too confident about the end use of painting on things like coffee cups, but the box says these are microwave and dishwasher safe once the paint is set. Awesome! The kit comes with a cup, small paint brush and four colors of paint – black, purple, magenta and turquoise. I removed the black paint pot before giving these to the kids to paint because I didn’t want the cups turning out black!

Silhouette vinyl project for Mother's Day

It was a good decision – the colors mixed together wonderfully without having the colors turn funky. Each child could paint their cup as they wished, but I try to control it a little and in this case it was by simply not giving them black paint.


First, I cut the vinyl lettering with my Silhouette cutting machine (I have the Portrait). I used a design from the shop that says “My ♥ belongs to my MOM”. After applying the vinyl to the cups, each child painted their cups. Each worked on their cup over a paper towel while wearing an art smock because this paint may not wash out of clothing like the washable tempera or watercolors we usually use. It washed off of hard surfaces very easily, though.

painting mugs for mother's daypainted mugs

My instructions were (for 2-5-year-olds):

  • Please do not paint inside the cup.
  • Paint over the letters.
  • Wipe your brush on the paper towel if you want to switch colors.

Overall, everyone did this. Some paint got inside the cup – I just didn’t want them trying to paint the whole inside! Some colors mixed beautifully, making each unique.

Painted Mugs for Mother's Day

After letting the paint dry a bit, I removed the vinyl with a tweezers.


Then to set the paint on the cups you turn on the oven to 360° and put the cups in right away. Set the timer for 30 minutes and then turn off the oven but leave the cups in the oven to cool down with the oven. When the oven and cups are cool, they’re done! Super easy. I love how they turned out and I’m sure the moms will too!

Painted Mug kit from Michael's Craft Store

Our hearts definitely belong to Mom!My heart belongs to mom mugs

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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