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Play is the Way Printable Poster

If you’re playing, you’re doing it right! Play is the way children learn. Celebrate the power of learning through play in early childhood with a free printable poster for your play room or classroom.

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Children learn and develop through play. Their brains develop and their communication and language skills grow. Think of all the opportunities for fine and gross motor practice, as well as problem solving and social emotional skills.

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Young children have short attention spans and need a wide variety of toys and everyday objects and especially nature to explore. They are not developmentally ready for sitting, worksheets, or long detailed lessons. Play is learning. The more you know about child development, the more you can see learning taking place every day.

free printable PDF PLAY IS THE WAY poster

Don’t forget about outdoor play! The whole child, the body and mind, are stimulated outdoors. It’s been said, we remember playtimes outdoors more than we remember other kinds of play from our childhood. So true!

So play is the way! Enjoy the printable poster. How will you play today?

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