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Refreshing Citrus Mint Water and More Ways to Use Fresh Mint

Several years ago I planted a small mint plant which has resulted in a large patch of spreading mint. It is beautiful and I don’t mind the space it takes up, however, I feel I really need to be taking advantage of having it! I love water but flavoring water helps some people drink more water each day. I wanted to show my child care children how we could use and enjoy the mint leaves. There’s no sugar but most of my kids enjoyed it and want me to make it again. How great is that? Read on to learn how to make refreshing citrus mint water and for more ways to use fresh mint from your garden.

Refreshing Citrus Mint Infused Water and more ways to use fresh mint

Refreshing Citrus Mint Water

mint plants in the garden

It’s so rewarding to pick something from your garden and use it! It’s a pleasant experience too because it’s so fragrant.

mint, lemon and lime

Simply pick a bunch and rinse. Pull the leaves off the stems. fresh mint and sliced lemons

Slice a lemon and a lime. Remove the seeds. Reserve some lemon pieces for garnish if desired.sliced limes and lemons

Put them all together in a pitcher.fresh mint leaves lemon and lime slices

Fill to the top with water. We have wonderful filtered water from our refrigerator so I used that.mixed together citrus and mint water

Stir together the lemon slices, limes, and mint leaves.lemon and mint water

Put the pitcher into the refrigerator a few hours.pitcher in refrigerator

Quarter your lemon slices for garnishing.

lemon slices with mint sprig

When you’re ready to serve your water, pour over ice. We prefer crushed ice.citrus mint water over ice

Garnish the edge of your cup or float it in the water.

garnished drink citrus and mint

I served it to my preschoolers after playing outside. Add a straw for children – they can’t resist trying!  They loved the lemon pieces! All of them enjoyed it except the youngest (2-year-olds).

citrus mint infused water for kids

Refill your pitcher and enjoy it again! Your mint leaves may turn a little brown from the stirring and cold but they should hold up to steep two times.refill pitcher

Ahhh! So refreshing and healthy! Happy Summer!

Need more ways to use fresh mint?