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Weather All Around Us

I’m excited to be an ambassador for Mother Goose Time! I’ve been using their curriculum for most of the 10 years I’ve been in the child care business. I find it saves me a lot of time and is fun for the kids. Also, it has a very professional presentation for the parents – they are all very excited about our activities. The following is a review of the Weather All Around Us Mother Goose Time Curriculum from October.

I will be blogging more in detail of our weekly activities in November when we start the Rainforest Adventure theme, but I want to share some of what we did in October with the Weather All Around Us theme. It was a great month of learning!


The following photos are just highlights of week 1- the curriculum includes much more! Some of these ideas are mine that I added for my group.

Week 1: Weather


Rays of the Sun Game (I guess this activity was actually on the day we covered Summer). Pick a number & count out the number of rays for the sun.

Rays of Sunshine counting game - MGT


Playing with scarves, ribbons and a fan to create wind! This activity was a big hit.

scarves+fan=windscarves+fan=wind MGT


Cloud dough (cornstarch & hair conditioner)

cloud dough MGT

Cloud sculptures made with cornstarch noodles, (Magic Nuudles) hanging on our mobile

 cloud sculptues on mobile

 “Clouds” Shaving cream sensory play

clouds sensory play - shaving cream MGT

Painting letter C with “clouds” – Fiberfill clipped to a clothespin

painting letter C with cloud clip - MGT


What can we pull on a sled?

 pulling a sled - MGT

Decorating sleds with snowflake stamps

snowflake painting on sled

Rain & Rainbows

Raindrop painting with droppers & liquid watercolors

raindrop painting - MGT

Finished raindrop clouds

cloud art - MGT

After making raindrops on our clouds, we used a piece of paper to make a print since the clouds were very wet with paint. After it dried, we glued the cloud frame over top. I asked each child “If it’s raining and you can’t play outside, what would you do instead?”  I loved this answer from a 3 year old!

cloud literacy activity MGT

Coloring letter R with rainbow crayonsr is for rainbow

There’s so much more included in the Mother Goose Time Curriculum – this was just a few highlights from week one! Watch for more to come.

Clarissa Hooper

Monday 3rd of November 2014

This curriculum looks perfect for my preschool co-op! Looking forward to looking more into it :-)