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What Happens? Will It Grow? Will it Grow Science Experiment

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When you put Indian corn in a pan of water,  what happens? Will it grow? I had no idea! This “will it grow” science experiment is perfect for the months of October and November. You simply observe it each day and see what happens. Find Indian corn during the fall season in grocery stores, orchards or farm markets. It’s dried and usually, several cobs are tied together at the top to hang for decoration.

I like simple science activities that we can keep around and observe for a while. It’s exciting to see changes, wonder what’s next or talk about what’s happening. Such simple activities can be so memorable for children to learn about the world around them. One family had to get some Indian corn and try this at home too!

What Happens? Will It Grow?
Remove the husks and place the cob of corn in a small pan of water. Wait and see what happens. For more information, see this follow-up post: Will it Grow? Update
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 What about celery? We’ll have to wait & see.  Read How to Grow Celery from the stalk.
What Happens? Will it grow?
Check out the next post to see what happens! Click here: Will it Grow? Update
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