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Y is for Yarn

This May we’re finishing up our monthly alphabet letter lessons with letter Y. One of our activities was decorating letter Y with yarn. This preschool literacy activity is very easy to prepare and fun for little learners to create.

Y is for Yarn preschool literacy activity with printable template

All you need is some paper – we used a variety of colorful paper but any will work. Print the large letter Y with the template provided below.

The children can cut their own lengths of yarn to glue on their paper.

Y is for Yarn

Gluing on yarn is a hands on way to learn about the shape of letter Y. It requires the use of both hands to squeeze glue, stretch the yarn and glue it in place.

Y is for Yarn

Some of our favorite letter and phonics resources include Jolly Phonics, Mother Goose Time’s Little Letter Books and My Little Journals.

Y is for Yarn

Often we use stamps and stickers to decorate our letter pages.

Y is for Yarn

Gluing yarn on paper can be challenging for young children so sometimes they will squeeze on a lot of glue and drop on a bunch of yarn. That can be okay too, but I encourage them to make a line of glue and use their fingers to put the yarn in place. It takes time and patience but it’s good for their fine motor and eye hand coordination skills.

Y is for Yarn

Y is for Yarn Printable

Use this page to print your letter Y for this activity or adding coloring, stickers or stamps.

Y is for Yarn preschool literacy activity printable template

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