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D is for Dolphin

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We’re enjoying the A-Zoo Animals theme from Experience Early Learning this June. We’ve done A is for Alligator, B is for Bird, C is for Camel. Now we have D is for dolphin activities.

D is for Dolphin - A to Zoo Animals Preschool Theme

D is for Dolphin

Dolphin begins with the letter D. Dolphins are friendly animals that love to play with other dolphins. They communicate by making a high pitched clicking sound or whistle.

D is for Dolphin daily topic page dolphin

Our Toob Ocean Animals are perfect for D is for Dolphin. I just added some blue play dough and some glass beads.

d is for dolphin

Creating an interest center for one or two friends at a time to investigate is a great way to introduce a theme or concept. Everyone wants a turn!

ocean TOOB Toys figurines

I pull related books and toys with an activity for them to explore. Sensory is always a hit!

D is for dolphin sensory play tray

I tried to get a little literacy in there with the letter blocks that spell out dolphin and a letter “D” dough cutter with a piece of play dough.

Dolphin Collages

Our Creative Corner Invitation to Create was a shape Dolphin Collage.

Looking at the inspiration photo, we considered what shapes we can see in a dolphin.

Using the sheet of shapes, the children arranged them to make a dolphin. They were quite creative!

I added the word “dolphin” in a dotted font for them to trace. A little glitter is always a great addition!

We put these on display in the hallway. When I take them down, I will put these projects in their portfolios.

It’s hard to get a picture of the projects that hang in the hallway but they look great there and every time I see it makes me smile. When you have a family child care business in your main living space, you find lots of creative ways to make things work.

Playful Dolphins Shape Matching

Dolphins are playful so we played a small group math game. We used two hoops and put the toy cards in one hoop. The shape cards went in the other hoop. Each child chose a shape card and then the corresponding toy card.

We’ve done lots of shape activities and matching games but when it’s introduced in a new and exciting way, everyone wants to play again.

Under the Sea Dramatic Play

Our Under the Sea STEAM Station is a simple dramatic play area created under the table. That’s one thing I love about Experience Curriculum’s activities is that they are simple and require materials I already have.

The teacher guide suggested setting up a dramatic play area “using blue crepe paper or fabric strips under the table to create an ocean. Then place sea creature toys or stuffed animals under the table. Set out ocean books if desired.”

I decided to move the bookshelf over by the table creating a different play space. That always creates interest!

I didn’t have (okay, I couldn’t find it!) blue crepe paper so I used some white crepe paper and some tulle. It worked.

We have lots of ocean animals so the kids were excited to see them and play with them.

Dolphin Tricks

Dolphins can jump and do tricks in the water! So we had to try some too with our hoops. So fun! Great way to link the dolphin theme and get in some gross motor fun.

More A-Zoo Activities

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning

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