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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families

10 Valentine's Day Ideas for FamiliesAs I think about making this Valentine’s Day special with my family, I thought I would share my picks – 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families. Sometimes I see ideas out there that are cute and fun, but realistic? Not so much. Not for me anyway. Last year my husband and I enjoyed a getaway for a couple of nights but usually we are together as a family.

It was always you - SR FEB

Fancy dinners or dinner reservations are nice, but around Valentine’s Day, restaurants are busy. Plus, it can be really expensive. I like this idea for a Brown Bag Date Night. Either make your own or pick up your favorites and enjoy it at home together, either as a couple or a family. Great idea!

Brown Bag Date Night

brown bag date night

Cute food is neat to look at but honestly, I don’t have a lot of time for it. Bacon in the morning before work and school is pushing it as it is, but these Bacon Hearts are completely do-able.

Bacon Hearts


There are a lot of ideas out there for sweet treats, but how about sending your loved one out the door with a bottle of pretty and refreshing infused water? Maybe cut the watermelon and cucumbers with a small heart shaped cookie cutter.

10 Infused Water Recipes

infused water:

What better way is there to wake up in the morning than to cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon rolls are special any day but Sweet Heart Cinnamon Rolls are extra special for Valentine’s Day!

Sweet Heart Cinnamon Rolls


Making a Valentine Tree can involve the whole family plus serve as decor. To make this a meaningful family activity, each family member could decorate a heart or write a love note.

Valentine Tree


Maybe instead of going out with Valentine’s day decorations, treats, and gifts, just make a fun mocktail beverage that everyone in the family can enjoy. So festive and fun for all ages!

Valentine Easy Mocktail

We can’t just celebrate with sweets (we can’t?!) so a family project would be fun. This family hand print art is a treasure.

DIY Family Hand Prints


I love the idea of a Valentine Hot Cocoa Bar. Cinnamon hearts, chocolates, sprinkles and whipping cream – yum!

Valentine Hot Cocoa Bar


This is something my family would totally do  I would absolutely subject my family to: fun family photos! The heart umbrella looks easy enough, but balloons would be a super simple prop too. Lots of ideas at the link that follows.

20 Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

heart umbrella

What a treat! Strawberry glazed donuts made with real strawberries? And they’re baked, not fried. The perfect way to start or end a sweet day with your favorites.

Strawberry Glazed Donuts


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Thursday 11th of February 2016

Great roundup of Valentine's Day Ideas. Thanks for including my infused water. I love the idea of cutting fruit into a heart shape or you could even use heart molds and make fruit ice cubes with them.


Saturday 13th of February 2016

Thank you for the great idea Dawn! Great to hear from you. :)