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Colorful Veggie Prints

Vegetables are colorful so this makes them interesting. That’s the angle I was going for with this activity. We used fruit and veggie dough cutters on large ink pads, to make colorful veggie prints. The set of fruit and veggie dough cutters were originally from Discount School Supply but it doesn’t look like they are available anymore. I did find a set on Amazon that includes fruits and vegetables (see below). I like items that have multi-use for child care. We can use the cutters for play dough, to actually cut out food shapes, like bread, cookies, or turn them over and use them for stamps! It works very well with a cutter that has a flat edge on one side. Press them down on large ink pads and then again on white paper to make colorful veggie prints.

Take this activity a step further with a related activity of tasting a vegetable of each color.  How fun is that?! Kids love to have tastings when it’s not a meal or snack time, which is a great time to introduce a new fruit or vegetable.Colorful Veggie Prints

Colorful Veggie Prints

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Thursday 11th of June 2015

[…] Colorful Veggie Prints […]