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Make a Colorful Vegetable Collage

How can we teach about vegetables and nutrition to children? Just like everything else – through hands-on fun! Hopefully, we can involve some tasting of different colored vegetables too. Consider trying my apple and pepper tasting activities listed below. Make a colorful vegetable collage for an art activity that centers around nutrition. The more colorful our meals are, the more healthy they usually are because they incorporate many nutrients.Make a Colorful Vegetable Collage

Look through magazines and cut out pictures of different colored vegetables. Depending on the children’s abilities, it may work out better to find the pictures first and have them select the ones they like and glue them onto their paper if cutting would be too frustrating. Looking at the pictures of vegetables allows you to discuss:

  • what colors they see
  • what vegetable they like
  • maybe a new vegetable they would like to try
  • where/how different vegetables grow

Work together or individually to make a Colorful Vegetable Collage.

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