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Hooked on DADDY Father’s Day Card & Snack Mix Jar

Today I’m sharing our super adorable Hooked on DADDY Father’s Day Card & Snack Mix Jar projects we made for our preschool Father’s Day gifts. Dads are pretty special and they deserve a special homemade gift from their child! How fun are the handprint fish and straw fishing poles?!  Coming up with ideas for dad can be difficult but all dads like snacks so that part is easy.

Hooked on Daddy Father's Day Card & Snack Mix Jar

Our handprint fish idea and template came with our Mother Goose Time kit in June. All the activities shown in the photos below were included for a fun Father’s Day celebration! I chose to not have parents in for Father’s Day this year because we’ve had several open houses and family engagement events already, but wonderful ideas! We did do some of them in our daily activities. The “Put the tie on the daddy” game is super cute!

Father's Day Party Kit

Hooked on DADDY Father’s Day Card & Snack Mix Jar



  1. Paint cardstock with blue paint for water, if desired. Or consider using blue paper. Allow to dry.
  2. Make a handprint on the cardstock, thumb down.
  3. Glue the straw onto the cardstock with hot glue gun.
  4. Attach the yarn to the top of the straw with a hot glue. Push the yarn into the end of the straw with a toothpick.
  5. Glue on googly eye with hot glue (stays on better over time and when little hands are handling the craft.)
  6. Add details to the fish- heart-shaped lips and an outline if desired.
  7. Print out wording or write it on the page “I’m hooked on Daddy!” and “Happy Father’s Day” with the year. I always put the child’s name on the back as well in the case that families with multiple children do not recall which child made it years from now.

Hooked on Daddy6

For the snack jar:

We filled mason jars with pretzels and patriotic mix M & M’s. You could also add popcorn, peanuts or goldfish crackers. Sometimes I overthink things and do more than is necessary! The pretzel and M & M mix is attractive and tasty! Most everyone likes pretzels and chocolate so I felt this was a safe bet.


  • 1-pint mason jars
  • Avery Labels, 22830
  • yarn
  • pretzels, M & M’s, peanuts, popcorn, Goldfish crackers, etc.


  1. Fill the jar with pretzels and M & M’s.
  2. Print DAD Jar Labels and apply a label to the jar lid.
  3. Tie yarn around the jar.

Hooked on DADDY Father's Day Card & Snack Mix Jarj5

Download and print the DAD jar labels below:

DAD Jar Labels

Printable DAD Jar Labels


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