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Jelly Bean Preschool Activities

Jelly Bean Preschool Activities including counting, graphing, coloring sorting, and patterning.Jelly Bean Games

My group was so excited to play these “jelly bean games” they didn’t even realize they were learning some math skills!  I gave each child a small cup of jelly beans use {the small size/cups are condiment cups from a party store}.Jelly Bean Preschool Activities

We started with this patterning/color sorting sheet from Adventures in Mommy-Hood.

Jelly Bean Preschool Activities

I allowed the children to do whatever they wanted to see what they would do. Some quickly started sorting colors, some started to line up jelly beans in a row in the blank spots, and some just played with them.

I did not have a discussion about eating the jelly beans. I said in the beginning “We will eat some, but not yet. First we’re going to play some games.” No one ate any, surprisingly – that I know of! Maybe I have my group trained! Afterwards, I said each child could have 3 before lunch. The rest when into their Easter basket bags for later.

Count & Graph Jelly Beans printable from here

Jelly Bean Preschool Activities

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