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Jurassic Tree Dinosaur Themed Snack

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Make this fun and healthy snack to go along with your preschool dinosaur theme! Fun to make and eat! Pretend you’re a dinosaur while you chomp down this big tree.

Jurassic Tree Dinosaur Themed Snack #MGTblogger

Jurassic Tree Dinosaur Themed Snack #MGTblogger

We made two different versions – one with vegetables and one with fruit. You can also use just one pretzel rod.

Jurassic Tree Fruit #MGTblogger

Eat a Tree! Jurassic Tree Dinosaur Themed Snack


  • Cream Cheese
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Broccoli & Grape tomatoes
  • OR kiwi & raspberries or strawberries
  • plates
  • plastic knife

Jurassic Tree Recipe Card

Jurassic Tree Dinosaur Themed Snack #MGTblogger Jurassic Tree Dinosaur Themed Snack #MGTblogger

Discuss: What would you eat if you were a herbivore?

Explore: Invite children to explore the ingredients and taste a little bit of each. Which ingredients would an herbivore dinosaur eat?


  • Invite the children to wash hands and work surfaces.
  • Follow the directions on the Recipe Card to create a tree snack.
  • Pretend to be a brontosaurus or other herbivore and try to eat the snack without using their hands.

Assess: Did the child identify the ingredients that were vegetables/fruits? Did he or she serve himself the portions to create the snack?

Reflect: How can you use snack time to learn about the family cultures and traditions of your children?

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