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Printable Apple Activities

September and October are the perfect months to explore apples! From orchards to our 5 Senses, the change of the seasons, to the science of how an apple grows, there are so many lessons to learn with apples. Enjoy this fun printable apple activities pack to go along with any of your apple lessons.

Printable Apple Activities for preschoolers

Printable Apple Activities

Printable Apple Activities

Included in the printable apple activities bundle:

  • Apple Life Cycle Poster
  • Parts of an Apple Poster
  • Apple Maze
  • Sequencing 1, 2, 3 cut & paste
  • Apple Investigation
  • Parts of an apple cut & paste
  • Count the Apple Seeds
  • Apple Number Tracing

This packet is appropriate for preschoolers and kindergartners.

parts of an apple printable apple activities

This Apple Pie Counting Stew activity from Pocket of Preschool is a super fun way to play with math concepts. Check out Apple Names at Ms. Stephanie’s Preschool. Here are some suggested apple books from Natural Beach Living.

Download the Apple Activities

The printable set pictured above is available by clicking on the “download” button below:

Printable Apple Activities

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