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Spooky Googly Eye Glitter Water Play

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What a fun morning playing with Spooky Googly Eye Glitter Water Play!  I loved this idea shared by Teach Preschool and Fun at Home with Kids.

We used blue food coloring in our water (not enough to stain hands) and a little fine glitter. I added a variety of spoons and small containers with lids. The eyes float and are a little tricky for small hands to catch. Googly eyes are just fun!

Spooky Googly Eye Glitter Water Sensory Play

Spooky Googly Eye Glitter Water Play

Sensory bins should include these core items:

Filler: you need a base for your sensory bin. For the sensory bin pictured in this post, we used colored water.

Other sensory bin fillers could be sand, rice, beans, pasta, shredded paper, snow, rocks, water beads, or dirt.

Tools: For our tools, we used long-handled spoons, scoops, or measuring cups and containers. Other sensory bin tools: cups, bowls, pitchers, plastic spoons, chopsticks, tweezers, pipettes.

Manipulatives or Toys: In this sensory bin we used googly eyes. You can be very creative with sensory bin items. Just look for anything that relates to your theme! Shells, small animals, vehicles, foam shapes, rocks, manipulatives of any kind, or small blocks.

Spooky Googly Eye Glitter Water Play

Spooky Googly Eye Glitter Water Play sensory bin is just a little spooky for preschool Halloween themes and Halloween parties.

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