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Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

Let’s Be Superheroes from Experience Curriculum has made our summer extra fun! The weekly topics included: Superhero Dress-Up, Super Powers, Saving the Planet, and Everyday Superheroes. I always like nature and earth day activities so the week of Saving the Planet superhero activities was my favorite. Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth. This day worked on Protecting Plants.

Let's Be Superheroes Preschool Curriculum Table Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

As you can see we have been taking our learning outdoors in this time of COVID-19 which has been amazing. I love using our outdoor space but certainly haven’t done it enough. Working outdoors is perfect for our protecting plant lessons.

Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth by protecting plants. Children plant seeds, help them grow, protect them from bugs and be careful with plants.

Protecting Plants Lesson 14 from Experience Curriculum - My Earth Book Make & Play Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

My Earth Book from Let’s Be Superheroes is a fun little creative corner activity that focused on literacy, social relations, and concepts of print.

Children drawing the Earth in My Earth Book from Experience Curriculum - outdoor classroom Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

Kids love to have their own little books. You see the children coloring the covers but inside the pages allowed them to write words and draw their own pictures. I appreciate this when working with a mixed age group so I can meet different needs and developmental abilities.

Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth Coloring My Earth Books Experience Curriculum   - Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

Asking questions about their work is important. What is your favorite animal on earth? Did the child point and explain her drawings on each page? Could she answer questions about the work?

Plant Puzzles

The foam leaves and double-sided mats are simple puzzles that work well in a basket that we can be put in a math center or taken outdoors as we did. While everyone plays outdoors, I call a couple of kids over at a time to choose an activity – the coloring activity or the plant puzzle.

It’s interesting to see how each child using the pieces and creates the puzzle, flipping and rotating the pieces, trying to make them fit.

Plant Puzzles Experience Curriculum   - Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

Protecting Plants

The natural environment is everything around us – air, water, land, and plants. It is essential to teach children at a young age how to take care of and respect our environment.

Experience Curriculum

Protecting plants is something children can do. In the spring we planted sunflower seeds and look at them now!

The kids discovered Japanese beetles attacking our flowers so they are picking the bugs off and putting them in a dish of soapy water. See, protecting plants! I love my little superheroes!

Kids in the garden collecting bugs - Protecting Plants- Experience Curriculum   - Superheroes Take Care Of the Earth

How Do Worms Help Plants?

I sent the kids to look for some worms, but they found just this one. The garden is full so they can’t really dig in there but they found this one in the sand at the end of the slide.

Using the pocket cube and cube cards, the children rolled the cube and followed the movement prompt while pretending to be a worm hero helping the plants. One way worms help plants is by eating compostable “garbage” we throw away.

Watch for our Recycled Alphabet and Recycled Paper activities up next!

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