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Swinging Science Experiment for Preschoolers

One reason I like using Mother Goose Time curriculum is because it’s well rounded. If left on my own, I might not plan as many science or math activities because I’m not strong in those areas. I tend to plan a lot of creative or literacy experiences. I like simple ideas that are exciting for kids to be involved, like this swinging science experiment for preschoolers.

swinging experiment

This activity went along with our Rainforest Adventure theme, on the Monkey Chatter day.

Using really basic materials, I set this up in the hallway since it is our biggest area of wall space.  I used yarn attached to one of those balloon sticks, a lightweight plastic stick, and taped it to the wall with masking tape. A dowel would work too. Or just tape the string to the wall like is shown in the directions. I guess I’m quite visual so I thought we needed a stick! A small lacing block is tied to the end of the string.

Swinging Science Experiment for Preschoolers

First I talked to them about gravity. How the block is heavy and is pulled down and does not float up because of something called gravity. We are also held down to the earth by gravity. What if people just floated up??

I held up the block, with the string tight, and asked “What do you think will happen if I let it go?” We used orange tape to mark on the wall how high we held it before letting it go. Someone marked with their hand on the wall how high the block swung up. Then we tried it several times to see if it was always the same. Everyone had a turn experimenting.

Swinging Science Experiment for PreschoolersSwinging Science Experiment for Preschoolers

Lots of fun & learning! Science can be simple and playful. I love that.


Monday 24th of November 2014

I love that you devoted a full post to this experiment. This was one of my favorites! The boys loved it but I only had cream tape on a cream wall. You really couldn't see any of it so I didn't get pictures. I too loved the simplicity and fun in this science lesson.