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What’s in the Box? Birds & Eggs

It’s nearly April and here in Wisconsin, we’ve already seen the return of the birds in our yards. It’s wonderful to hear them singing again and soon they will be nesting. Birds & Eggs is one of my favorite themes from Experience Curriculum I have a lot of favorites… This post shares all that’s included in this month’s theme, so you’re in the right place if you’re wondering What’s in the Box? Birds & Eggs.

What’s in the Box? Birds & Eggs

First, we have all the Teacher Tools including the Summary of Skill Assessment, skills chart, Theme Web, Daily Activities calendar, and music CD. The music is also available under Member Resources for those who have purchased the curriculum.

What's in the Box? Birds & Eggs Teacher tools bag

Her’es a close up of the Theme Web for Birds & Eggs.

What's in the Box? Birds & Eggs theme web Experience Preschool

Family Newsletter and the My Creative Mind sheets for week one.

Here’s a close up of the Daily Activities calendar.

Experience Preschool Daily Activities calendar What's in the Box? Birds & Eggs

Four Teacher Guides – one for each week:

  • In the Nest
  • Bird Parts
  • Exotic Birds
  • Tree Birds
What's in the Box? Birds & Eggs teacher guides

One of the story books this month is called Hello Bird.

Hello Bird
Get acquainted with a feathered menagerie in a participatory trip through the wide world of birds! Little blue eggs. Are they new? How many are there? One, two. This call and response story supports patterning and counting skills. Hello Bird is an instant classic as toddlers mimic these cute, cuddly baby creatures with their own movements, including the bear, turtle, fox, and more!

Hello Bird book from Experience Curriculum

Calendar and numbers

calendar from Experience Curriculum

Theme poster

Experience Curriculum theme poster

Core Concepts

There’s a bag of materials labeled “Core Concepts”. These will be your letters, numbers, shape, color and conversation cards for the month. Also pictured is the

Daily Lessons

lesson 1 nest Birds & Eggs
lesson 2 egg
lesson 3 hatchling
lesson 4 bird food
lesson 5 learning to fly
Lesson 6: Head & Beak
Lesson 7: Body
Lesson 8: Wing
Lesson 9: Feet & Claws
Lesson 10: Tail
Lesson 11: Bluebird
Lesson 12: Woodpecker
Lesson 13: Eagle
Lesson 14: Hummingbird
Lesson 15: Chickadee
Lesson 16: Ostrich
Lesson 17: penguin
Lesson 18: Blue Crane
Lesson 19: Peacock
Lesson 20: Birdwatching

There’s the overview for the month of Birds & Eggs Activities! Lots of games, art, literacy, math and more.

How to Create Take Home Learning Bags

Do you need to make take home bags for your preschoolers due to COVID-19? See this blog post at Inspired Learning for the how to and printable page to include with your activities bags for week one of Birds & Eggs.

More Birds and Eggs Activities

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning