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Easy Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids

As the leaves start to transition into vibrant shades of red, orange, and brown, we can’t help but be reminded of the approaching Thanksgiving season. Creating a Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey is a delightful way to celebrate the fall season, even if the foliage in your area hasn’t fully embraced autumn yet. Whether you have a bounty of colorful leaves at your disposal or need to resort to artificial ones, this craft is a fantastic project for kids of all ages. Each leaf turkey craft will be unique and make lovely Thanksgiving decorations. This easy turkey craft incorporates fine motor skills and creativity. 

Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey

If you have autumn leaves in your area, before beginning this project, go on a leaf hunt.  It’s a good way to enjoy a beautiful fall day, and it’s always a good idea to add nature to crafts. Need a fun craft for younger kids to make before joining the Thanksgiving dinner table? Add this turkey leaf craft to your Thanksgiving traditions. If this project is a keepsake, add the child’s name, the date on the back and phrases like “gobble gobble!” or notes of thankfulness if desired. Have small leaves? Try making place card holders and adding each person’s name.

Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey   

Making Leaf Turkeys

Needed Supplies:

  • 9-12 Real Fall Leaves, preferably different colors and shapes, or faux leaves
  • 3 Pieces of Felt (Red, Orange, Brown) for the turkey’s body
  • 1 Piece of White construction Paper (12×12)
  • 2 Googly Eyes (self-stick)
  • Glue
Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey


  1. Create the Body of the Turkey: Start by cutting out a large turkey body, approximately 9 inches in height. You can shape it like a bowling pin, with a head and a body. Glue this turkey body onto the white paper. If you need a printable template to cut the turkey body, use this one.
  2. Add Facial Features: Attach the self-stick googly eyes to the head of the turkey. Then, cut out a small triangle (orange felt) for the turkey’s beak and glue it under the eyes. For the turkey’s wattle, cut out a small red piece of felt (or red construction paper) and glue it to the side of the beak.
  3. Decorate with Leaves: Now comes the fun part. Take your fall leaves (real or artificial) and glue them all around the back of the turkey body in a fanned-out position. This arrangement mimics the turkey’s feathers, and the varied colors will give it a vibrant, festive look.
  4. Let It Dry: After all the elements are in place, allow your Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey to set and dry for about an hour. This craft is not only enjoyable but also a valuable hands-on activity for young children to explore their creativity while celebrating the beauty of autumn.

Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey

Attach 2 googly eyes on the head. Cut out an orange triangle for the beak and glue on under the eyes. Cut out a red wattle and glue this on the side of the beak.

Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey

Glue leaves all around the turkey body in a fanned-out position so they look like the turkey’s feather.

Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey

Let it set and dry for about an hour. Fun and easy fall craft for kids!

Fall Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey

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