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Outdoor Art: Autumn Leaf Collage

Art Outdoors Autumn Leaf Collage on Sticky Paper

I like to incorporate a variety of activities in our outdoor play including art. This activity includes many areas of learning actually – nature, sensory, fine motor, color recognition and many more I’m sure depending on how it’s presented. This day our leaves were starting to fall and beautiful! While outside I set up our large easel and covered it with Contact paper by taping down the edges with packing tape.

fall collage on the easel

I encouraged my group to pick up leaves and stick them onto the easel. A couple started out and by the end of our play time each child had participated and added to our collage. To make it more challenging I asked them to “find a red leaf”, “find a small leaf” and to try different kinds of leaves like flower and shrub leaves.

What resulted is a beautiful collage to hang on our windows. (Place another piece of Contact paper over top of the leaves to seal. Trim edges to size and tape on the window for display.) We’ve been enjoying them for weeks. Just a simple way to appreciate and preserve the beautiful colors of fall! Our leaves were just stunning this fall!


Leaf Collage Art

leaf art 5

I do believe these collages could be kept to put on display again next year or I may trim down each leaf to keep in our fall nature collection bin.


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Terri Thompson (@Creativefamfun)

Tuesday 26th of November 2013

We did this recently too! It's a great way to preserve some of those pretty autumn leaves my girls love to collect!